PornCMS WordPress Plugin for Embedding PornCMS Videos

PornCMS is WordPress Embed enabled!

Embed a PornCMS video into a WordPress Post in two easy steps. Simply go to the WordPress tab of any PornCMS video and follow the instructions to install the plugin. Copy the Embed URL of your PornCMS video and Embed the URL into a WordPress Post. An iframe with the video player will be added to your WordPress Post. See below for detailed instructions.

PornCMS provides a fast and stable private media cloud network for storing and streaming your videos. PornCMS videos are served to your guests from an array of end-point media servers in multiple HD streaming qualities. The PornCMS WordPress Plugin is the absolute best way to stream adult videos in WordPress.

Test the PornCMS WordPress Plugin

The instructions below were copied from the admin area of the PornCMS docs site. The WordPress Plugin linked below in Step 1 (where it says Download Plugin) is the actual plugin for the CMS docs site. Download the plugin, read it, and test it on your WP installation. There is not much to it. The Embed URL in Step 2 below embeds the Lelu Love testimonial video from the PornCMS docs site into your WordPress post.

Step 1: Install WordPress Plugin

To embed a PornCMS video into a WordPress Post, your site must be an "oEmbed provider" for your WP site. Don't worry, the plugin below was created to authorize your WP site as an oEmbed provider. The plugin also has a unique private key just for your site, so DO NOT SHARE this plugin.

Click here to Download Plugin

Download the plugin zip file to your computer, then follow these instructions in your WordPress installation to activate the plugin.

click Plugins in the WP admin panel

click ADD NEW

click UPLOAD PLUGIN and choose the plugin zip file you downloaded to your computer above


Step 2: Embed Video URL into WordPress Post

The following Embed URL is for use with the EMBED block of the WordPress Gutenberg post editor. This Embed URL is for this video only.
Click the blue link button below to copy the Embed URL to your clipboard.

Follow these instructions to embed this video into your WordPress Post.

create a new Post in WordPress

click the PLUS symbol to Add a new block

choose the generic EMBED block
You can find the generic EMBED block in the EMBEDS section of the blocks list (next to Twitter and YouTube).

paste the Embed URL found above in the blue button and click Embed

Member Only Access

The embed page will check to see if a video is active, but Permission Level is ignored. This means if you embed a "Login Required" video into your WordPress Post, it will play in that post. If you want to convert your WordPress site into a subscription paysite, we suggest installing the aMember plugin for membership management.

Multiple Sites

The PornCMS WordPress plugin has a unique name and namespace for every site. This means if you own multiple PornCMS websites, you can install the plugins for all of your sites without conflict.

Free Video Embed Plugin for WordPress 5+

Extends WordPress EMBED block of the Gutenberg editor to allow embed of videos from It is otherwise blocked as an embed source in WordPress versions 5+. click here for plugin details

edited 2021-06-08