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Video Converter Update

| Wed, 27 March 2024

Hey Site Owners!

We hope everyone is doing fabulous! 

Here's a quick update on recent improvements and what's coming up next on our development list....

Video Converter

The video converters haven't had a major upgrade in about 4 years, so we rebuilt the way the cms converts videos.

The converter performs several conversion tasks on your source video - quality versions, screencaps, clips, and integrity tests. The previous version of the converter performed these tasks one at a time. That process was a bit slow for long videos.

The NEW converter processes these tasks concurrently. Rather than waiting for each task to complete, the converter now processes the tasks at the same time, massively reducing the overall conversion time.

Of course, that takes a lot more server processing power, so we upgraded the conversion servers while we were at it. The new servers have 400% more cores and 100% more memory. 

The end result, as many of you have seen, is a conversion speed improvement of 50% to 70%. As always, this upgrade is included in your PornCMS plan.


New Uploader

The new PornCMS v7 admin has a better dropzone uploader that can handle up to 9GB files without crashing. Just go to the new admin and click Add New Video. You'll see the new uploader.

It will show the upload progress on top of the file icon. Just let it complete and the video will be added to the conversion queue. The page will reload when the upload is completed.

There's no change to FTP uploading. It works as usual.


Server Upgrades

We've consistently upgraded all front-end servers every 2 years since we built our private cloud in 2016. We like to keep the server hardware fresh and relatively new. We get a bump in processing power too for the same price.

That means it is server upgrade year!

As in the past, you won't notice any downtime on your end, and there's no extra charge for the upgrade. We know a site owner on a well known adult host who has been running the same server for 7 years - no free upgrades. Considering server processing power increases every year, and hard drives have a 3-5 year average lifespan, that is bad mojo!


New Modules in Progress

Offline Payments

We've been working on an offline payments module for a couple months and we think it will be ready in April. This module allows you to easily accept payments from alternative sources, such as CashApp, Paypal, Venmo, etc, without a lot of manual work on your end.

The basic process:

  1. customer requests offline payment by entering their email
  2. PornCMS sends an email with your payment options
  3. you receive payment and mark the request as paid in the admin
  4. PornCMS grants your new customer member access and sends them an email with their login
  5. PornCMS sends your customer a renewal email when their login expires

This process protects your offline payment accounts by sending your payment links in an email, rather than publishing them on your site. We've all experienced Paypal account suspensions at some point. We're also validating their email at the same time.

We'll send out a site owner newsletter when the new feature is live. 


Legal Document Storage

It looks like there are no longer any document storage companies in adult. All the major tubes are requesting model releases now, so we will add document storage to the Videos admin of PornCMS

The plan is pretty simple. Upload your docs in any format, then PornCMS will zip them up on request with a copy of the lowest quality video.

UPDATE: The documents option has been added to the Videos area of the PornCMS v7 admin!


Your Projects?

What are you working on this week? How's the marketing going? Are you planning new sites? How about a site upgrade?

Our turnaround times are pretty fast and our labor prices are better than any other shop in the adult industry. We've heard that the other adult cms developers aren't taking new clients. Is that crazy??

We're available for your projects, so hit us up!


Take Care and Make Money!

Cheers! - PornCMS