Fast Servers and Global Security

Hackers are everywhere and porn is a huge target. Our CMS sites get hit by script kiddies and DDOS attacks 24-hours a day from all over the world (mostly China).
To combat this constant threat against our site owner's profits, we've custom built a fast-acting IP monitoring system. All of the servers in our private cloud network scan their user logs every minute looking for hackers and abuse. Hackers and scripts are stopped almost immediately and banned from the entire network.
PornCMS cloud servers send their status and traffic reports to a central databank. The central server combs thru the traffic reports one more time with a global multi-server point of view. This helps us ban hackers that are hitting the entire network. It also helps us detect scripts that are running slow enough to avoid triggering our pageview flood limit.
The data from the central servers is ported into several reports that our support team monitors 24-hours a day. The map on this page is one of the graphics created from network data.

Our Private Media Cloud

We built our network from the ground up with the specific goal of delivering adult content fast and safe to the most number of users possible. PornCMS delivers thousands of videos per hour to members and visitors all over the world.

Our state of the art security system continuously monitors user activity on all servers. Site owners have network-wide control over IP and Username banning or whitelisting.

PornCMS cloud servers are designed, managed and monitored by our Support team 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Our Private Media Server CloudAll Site Hosted on our Private Media Cloud Network