Payment Processing Options

In order to make money, your site needs a payment processor. This is a very easy and low cost step, and we walk you through the entire process.

The default billing setup for PornCMS is a subscription paysite model. This means some content on your website is behind a 'pay wall'. Visitors must pay to get behind the wall. A subscription paysite allows your visitors to pay a fee to see all of the content on your website. Often this is a rebilling fee based on some duration (1 month for $29.95).

PornCMS has BUILT IN login management and security. There is no need for our site owners to pay for 3rd party security software. Our system can handle multiple passfiles, meaning it is very easy to add backup processors. We store all passfiles separately. This isolates any possible biller problems, and makes it very easy to refresh or recover a biller passfile.

Our servers monitor all sites every minute to stop hacking attacks as they happen. Our network receives approximately 1 million hacker attempts every day. We automatically block around 10,000 IPs per day. Our network is hit by DDOS attacks daily and performance is rarely affected. That level of security is unmatched in the adult industry, especially at our prices!

All CMS accounts include Free billing script installation for your first payment processor. When you've added content to your site and signed up for a payment processing account, let us know and we will install your billing account for you. Contact support if you have any questions.

Our PornCMS tech team will install your payment scripts for free (1st biller). All you need to do is contact support for more information. You will also need a payment processing account with an adult billing company such as Verotel, CCBill, or Zombaio. You can find the links to all compatible billing companies in the RESOURCES section.

If you have any problems or questions, please contact support.

The industry changes and evolves, but these days Verotel is the best biller for online adult site transactions. They require minimal verification, they have the lowest sales declines, and their annual fee is half of the industry standard (around $600). They will waive the annual fee for clients with a billing history. Weekly payouts guaranteed.


Free Payment Processing

For site owners with a small startup budget, Zombaio might be a good choice for payment processing during the early stage of the paysite. They have zero setup fees, which makes them very attractive. However, once monthly revenue goes above $500 USD, payouts become unreliable. At that point, we recommend moving over to Verotel.