Embed XVideos.com Videos free WordPress 5+ Plugin

Simple Embed of XVideos.com Video

Extends WordPress EMBED block of the Gutenberg editor to allow embed of videos from xvideos.com. It is otherwise blocked as an embed source in WordPress versions 5+. Copy the URL/SRC of the XVideos.com video iframe and Embed the URL into a WordPress Post. An iframe with the XVideos video will be added to your WordPress Post. See below for detailed instructions.

Step 1: Install WordPress Embed XVideos.com Plugin

Click here to Download EMBED XVIDEOS Plugin

Download the plugin zip file to your computer, then follow these instructions in your WordPress installation to activate the plugin.

click Plugins in the WP admin panel

click ADD NEW

click UPLOAD PLUGIN and choose the plugin zip file you downloaded to your computer above


Step 2: Embed XVideos.com iFrame URL/SRC into WordPress Post

The following instructions are for use with the EMBED block of the WordPress Gutenberg post editor.

create a new Post in WordPress

click the PLUS symbol to Add a new block

choose the generic EMBED block
You can find the generic EMBED block in the EMBEDS section of the blocks list (next to Twitter and YouTube).

in XVideos, click the EMBED/SHARE button below a video

copy the URL/SRC from the iframe code

paste the URL/SRC found above into the WordPress Embed URL block and click Embed

edited 2021-06-08