Add-on Modules and Plugins

Extend the power of your PornCMS installation with advanced modules and plugins for every business need. Don't see the module or plugin you need? Contact us and we'll build it for you.

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Hard Goods Shop

Sell clothing, DVDs, posters, event tickets, or any other physical good.

This plugin includes:

  • Front-end Shop page with Cart and Checkout.
  • Admin area module for managing your Shop products, sales, and delivery.
  • Integration with your payment processor or Paypal.
  • Free add-on PornCMS installation if requested. Add this module to a new cms installation (subdomain or new domain) $99 Value
  • Free customization for your specific business needs (up to 5 hours).

Includes installation of module for ONE domain. CMS account required.

VIP Price: $599 USD

Paid Scripts

Clean your data, sync between sites, or update your libraries with ease using our paid scripts. If you need a custom script not listed here, just let us know! Contact us for pricing and installation (some scripts are free!).

Site Sync

Automatically copies videos and photos from one cms site to another cms site. Runs daily.

Category Cleanup

Provide a list of categories to keep and this script will remove all other categories from your library and site.

Photo Rotator

Similar to the video rotator included in the cms, this script will automatically push the oldest photo set to today's date (if a set is not scheduled to be published).

Tags Cleanup

This script is a find/replace or remove for any unwanted tags. Saves hours of manual cleanup work.

Popular Categories

Report showing the most popular categories by views over the previous 1 year period.

Missing Descriptions

Report showing videos missing a description (body html). Helps with large library management.

Member News : Auto Import

Automatically import members - or expired members - to a Member News mailing list. Simplifies your weekly newsletter routine.

Model Cleanup

Removes duplicate models from your site.