Design Services


The "template" is the shell of the website. It includes the top of the site (header and navigation) and footer of the site. It also typically includes customization of the content layout. The pages of the site, such as your videos, contact page, and homepage, display inside the website template.

Our Template Installation Service converts your HTML and CSS design files to PHP and installs the template on your PornCMS website. If you don't have a custom template ready, we will design and code a responsive, mobile-friendly template for you.

The Template Install Service includes the customization of your website homepage, and the layout of your video and photoset thumbnails, if any changes are needed. This service does not include artwork or content. You must provide your own logos, text, images, and videos. Delivery is typically 3-4 weeks, depending on the complexity of the project. Feel free to contact us regarding the timeline and deliverables.

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