Custom Programming & Design Services


Does your site need a unique look? We have you covered with this FAST and LOW COST branding service. Includes 3 samples of the Logo. Design installed within one week!


This Package Includes:

  • 1x Unique Website Logo
  • 1x Responsive Website Header
  • 3x Homepage Carousel Slides
  • 10x Promotional Banners
  • Free Installation
  • 30-days VIP Support
  • Photoshop Source Files



If you already have a design created for your site, or you want to import the design from your old site, we can help! Our Template Installation Service turns your design files into an active Bootstrap website capable of displaying on any device or screen. You must have an active website OR files from your designer must be provided (HTML/CSS, add $299 for conversion from PSD). This service includes no design work (well maybe just a little tweaking). If you need a design created, contact us or check out the Logo Branding Package.
see project terms & conditions



20 unique & creative banners; all standard sizes (or requested sizes); 3-day delivery! Logo, photos & text must be provided.



CMS Account Plugins & Upgrades


Responsive trailer/promo video player. Automatically Loads all of your trailers into the playlist, or a customizable limited number. Great for marketing! Trailer videos not included. Once you've ordered, contact support for installation.

See a demo on Template 2. View Demo



Allow your members to send you TIPS! Set the levels yourself. Works with any site (free, subscription or pay-per-view). Biller installation included (3rd party account required). Compatible with Verotel, CCBill, Epoch, Zombaio, and others. Once you've ordered, contact support for installation.



Store and display 5-star ratings and content view counts. Installation included. Includes function set. One-time fee.



Increase your Hosted Account Limits by up to 1TB of disk space and 15tb download limit. Multiple upgrades allowed!

+100gb Disk Space
+1000gb Download Limit
only $25/month

Upgrade Now

+250gb Disk Space
+3000gb Download Limit
only $45/month

Upgrade Now

+500gb Disk Space
+7000gb Download Limit
only $80/month

Upgrade Now

+1000gb Disk Space
+15000gb Download Limit
only $150/month

Upgrade Now


Upgrade your CMS BASIC account to a CMS PLUS account and activate all features! This upgrade increases your disk space limit to 200GB and downloads limit to 3000GB.


While Google has maintained that using HTTPS offers a very modest ranking boost, the fact is that the majority of sites on the first page of Google tend to be encrypted, and there has been anecdotal evidence shared around the SEO community showing ranking improvements after switching over to HTTPS.

Protect your members and improve your search ranking! The "https" Security Upgrade includes security certificate installation, biller testing, and lifetime renewals. One-time fee per domain.

only $49

We'd do it free, but it does take about an hour for each installation. We not only install the certificate and update your billing configuration, we test the pages of your site to clear any security alerts for mixed media. VIP PRO accounts include 1 free https security upgrade! (info)


PrestaShop Video Clips Store

PornCMS PrestaShop Export Module

Sell your videos in your own VIDEO CLIPS STORE! The PornCMS PrestaShop Export Module auto exports your paysite/cms videos into a PrestaShop store as Virtual Products for sale. After a Video (virtual product) is purchased, a WATCH button displays on the product page and order history page. Clicking the WATCH button a lightbox style window opens Streaming the purchased video. A playlist displays all previously purchased videos for easy viewing. Sales reports are returned from PrestaShop to PornCMS and displayed in the module tab. EXPORT your videos to an UNLIMITED number of PrestaShop stores with this module. Track sales from all stores right in PornCMS. This package includes: Our proprietary PornCMS PrestaShop Export Module, 1 PrestaShop installation (optional), and Billing integration (CCBill, Verotel, Paypal, Stripe). Hosting is included with your PornCMS account.

only $499