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Network Status Map

Hackers are everywhere and porn is a huge target. Our CMS sites get hit by script kiddies and DDOS attacks 24-hours a day from all over the world (mostly China). To combat this constant threat against our site owner's profits, we've custom built a fast-acting IP monitoring system.


Video Rotator (and its free)

The Video Rotator is an easy way to keep your site fresh and up-to-date. The rotator checks to see if today's date has an active video update. If there is no update for today's date, the rotator changes the date of the oldest active video to today's date.

The rotator runs with the Video Queue cron every few minutes. This means your site will get a rotated update within 15 minutes of mindnight GMT.

Testing the video rotator is easy. Set the Video Rotator option to Active, then change the date on any videos with today's date to yesterday or earlier. Within 15 minutes, you will have a new update for today's date.

Find the Video Rotator in the cms admin:


Free Porn Guardian Module

Porn Guardian is an anti-piracy watchdog service that pro-actively watermarks your content and then searches for pirated copies all over the web. Our Porn Guardian module pushes your videos to Porn Guardian for watermarking at the click of a button. The module also modifies the member's area video player page to serve the watermarked videos from Porn Guardian. This module is FREE upon request to any PornCMS site owner. A Porn Guardian account is required. To learn more about Porn Guardian, visit


1, 2, or 3 Column Bootstrap Layout

The bootstrap stylesheet editor now has a FREE column layout option. Change your site to a 1, 2 or 3-column layout at the click of a button. Custom pages are automatically created for the left and right column content. Go to Pages>CustomPages to edit your new columns.

Username/IP Whitelisting Added to Security

The Security options panel has been expanded to ban/whitelist usernames and IPs. There is also a new Search form to quickly find a username or IP. This is a network-wide ban manager accessible thru USERS>SECURITY. Use with caution.

https Security Upgrades available

update: now included in every account!

Like it or not, HTTPS is here to stay. Google is convinced it is the future, so we've added a low cost https security upgrade service for our site owners. The "https" Security Upgrade includes security certificate installation, billing configuration, testing, and renewals. Visit our upgrades page to watch an informative video from Google.


Easier Conversion Reset

We pushed a small update to the Videos module. There is now a RESET button on the SOURCE tab when a video is stalled in the queue. The RESET button will display after a video has been in the queue more than 8 hours. Most videos complete conversion within 1-3 hours depending on length and quality. 8 hours usually indicates a problem. If you've reset your video and it still gets stuck, contact support and we will investigate.

Features Overview

We've added some useful new screencasts - a Features Overview video and Styling Bootstrap tutorial.


Special Thanks to Verotel

We sent a gift basket to Jason at Verotel on behalf of our site owners for an awesome 2016!! Let's make 2017 even bigger! Shout out to TheBroBasket for a fast delivery.

Happy New Year!!

We had a great 2016 and our site owners had a profitable year too! Most of our hosted sites grew last year and we massively expanded our network infrastructure.

The script kiddies and professional hackers have been at it 24/7 as usual. Our proprietary security system, designed specifically to protect our network and hosted sites, bans around 100k IPs a day, and blocks over 10 million rogue hits a day. That's serious protection our cms competitors and single server hosts can't offer.

Where else can you get private cloud hosting this cheap? Let's all have fun and make lots of money this year!

New Support Page w/FAQ

The Support page of the default bootstrap template has been replaced with a simple emailer form. This contact form securely sends the message to the Client Email in settings.

The Support page update deprecates the old ticket system (circa 2008). It didn't work very well and it wasn't bootstrap. Most site owners are using 3rd party support or email. This contact form allows both options.

The new Support page has a built in FAQ. The FAQ is stored in Custom Pages. You can edit it easily with the bootstrap enabled WYSIWYG editor. You can also hide the FAQ by setting the status to not live.

Add Stickers to your Thumbnails

We added a new feature to the cms that will change the industry! In the Thumbnails admin, once you crop a new thumb, you'll see a button that says OPEN EDITOR. Clicking that button opens a full-featured image editor! Add stickers, text, free draw, and color correct! Your site will be transformed overnight! We've attached a fast and simple example of the new editor's ability. Now let's see some awesome thumbnails!

New Caching System

We added a new caching system to all templates. It caches the pages hourly, so if you don't see your changes on the front-end, wait until the top of the hour. We're already seeing a 70-80% increase in page loads. Google will love this update too!